Scottsdale Lawyer For Bankruptcy Filings

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing provides immediate relief for people who are struggling with unsecured debt, such as medical bills, credit card debt, guaranteed business debt and certain tax debt. It is a legitimate means of resetting your financial life and getting it back on track.

It is unwise to try and negotiate the complex process of filing for Chapter 7 without seeking the help of experienced legal counsel. I am Karl S. Pearson, a Scottsdale bankruptcy attorney who has helped hundreds of individuals in the Greater Phoenix area get out from underneath a mountain of debt.

Putting A Stop To Collections Actions

After filing for Chapter 7, all collections activities from creditors will be stopped by what is known as an automatic stay. Approximately four months after your filing, you will receive a Chapter 7 discharge, which will release you of any personal liability on most debts and prevent creditors from contacting you in the future regarding these discharged debts.

Qualifying For Chapter 7 Protection

You must pass a means test in order to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. If your current monthly income is below the adjusted median income in Arizona, you automatically pass the means test. If you do not meet these initial requirements, you must pass a secondary means test that deducts expenses, such as vehicle loan payments and 401(k) contributions, to determine if you qualify.

Certain property is exempt from bankruptcy liquidation and may not be used to satisfy the claims of your creditors. It is important to have an experienced bankruptcy lawyer on your side to help guide you through this complicated process.

Schedule A Meeting With A Phoenix Debt Relief Attorney

I can walk you through the Chapter 7 means test during a free initial consultation to determine if you qualify. If a better option is available, such as filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or avoiding bankruptcy altogether, we can explore those options and determine the next best steps to take. Call 602-702-5427, or contact me online to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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