Scottsdale Lawyer Handling Business Disputes

When you own and operate a business, your focus is on tackling the daily challenges to help keep your company competitive. Legal issues crop up in every business. When they surface at your company, you want the kind of experienced legal counsel who allows you to remain focused on your responsibilities, confident that your legal matters are in good hands.

I am Karl S. Pearson, a Scottsdale attorney who handles business disputes for companies throughout Arizona. As a business owner myself, I understand how disruptive business disagreements can be and how important it is to avoid public relations concerns or negative press. That is why I am committed to helping you protect your interests and to ensure that the goals of your company are advanced in the way you see fit.

Dedicated Representation For All Types Of Business Disputes

I am an experienced litigator who helps to resolve all types of business disputes, including those involving:

Breach of fiduciary duty — Board members have a legal obligation to act in the best interest of the corporation. When they fail in this regard, or if they attempt to advance their personal objectives on company time or through the use of company resources, they are considered to have breached their fiduciary duties and may be legally liable for any resulting harm.

Breach of contract — I am committed to efficiently resolving all types of contract disputes, including those involving employee agreements, transactional agreements and covenants not to compete.

Business dissolution and divestiture — When a stakeholder or partner wishes to leave a company, there should be processes in place to enable the other principals to buy out his or her ownership and to account for a smooth transition. This may also occur if other members are seeking to divest another stakeholder of ownership.

Corporate governance — I can help corporations establish policies and forms of governance designed to help with business operations and dispute resolution. If a member violates any existing policies, it may be necessary to promptly enforce the terms of the policies to avoid tarnishing the business's image in the market.

Partnership and shareholder disputes — When shareholders, partners or other stakeholders are embroiled in a dispute, I can act on the behalves of individuals in order to protect their valuable interests and to help resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Transactional disputes — From collecting assets that are outstanding on a promissory note to enforcing a transactional contract, I will move swiftly to protect the interests of my clients in all disputes surrounding transactions and acquisitions.

I also handle complex issues involving employment litigation, franchisee agreements, professional service disputes, collections actions, intellectual property claims and other challenges faced by businesses throughout Arizona.

Contact A Phoenix Attorney For Help With Breach Of Contract Disputes And Other Disputes

I can help provide your business with knowledgeable strategies to resolve contract disputes and other business disputes. Contact me online, or call 602-702-5427 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer.